Telugu - Hindu - Caste: Where Is Pawan Standing?

Telugu - Hindu - Caste: Where Is Pawan Standing?

--He fights about the need for Telugu language being taught at early levels of education.
--He speaks about the religion of a Chief Minister and makes a mockery of him by saying that he won't need that caste tag.
--He continues that casteism is no way of doing politics and gives clarity that he is not going to take support from his own community.

These are the things about Janasena President Pawan Kalyan, as he continues his tirade on AP CM YS Jagan cancelling Telugu medium in government schools, challenges him to leave the Reddy tag as he converted to a different religion. With all these talks, Pawan is sounding more like a supporter of "BJP" than a politician in his own right, feels observers.

Apparently Pawan lost the 2019 election not because of his policies, but due to lack of leaders, secondary leadership and cadres. Rather focusing on building them, Pawan continues his tirade against the incumbent CM on day to day basis like those TV channels that did on him. This takes Pawan nowhere than trend him on Twitter.

It's high time that Pawan should employ proper political strategists to make sure that the Janasena ideology reaches the public. Otherwise, his speeches end up as those tweets and trending videos, but won't turn into votes. Though Pawan says he is not here for votes, what is the use of being in politics when you are not seeking votes and eyeing to form a government? In that case, one should start an NGO, not a political party.

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