'Pawan Offers Call Sheets To Babu'

'Pawan Offers Call Sheets To Babu'

Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan's Rayalaseema tour is causing political ripples in various ways. It is known that the actor turned politico has been attacking CM YS Jagan and ministers on issues ranging from English medium in govt schools, painting govt institutions with YSRCP colours and disrespecting other castes. In his recent speech, Pawan stated that our country needs leaders like Narendra Modi and Amit Shah.

Reacting to Jana Senani's statement, Andhra minister Perni Nani has launched an attack by referring to him as 'Pawan Naidu'. Nani said, 'If Pawan Naidu feels that Amit Shah is right, he is giving an indication that Jana Sena will merge in BJP.

He is working with an intention to merge JSP in Bharatiya Janata Party and so, he praised Amit Shah. Pawan offers his call sheets to producers in movies and to Chandrababu in politics. When he was questioned about his marriages, he is advising Jagan to get married for 4 times like him, which shows that he has no value for women".

The Transport Minister further added, "We aren't crying for Pawan to recognise our work, because people of the state have full confidence on YSRCP and voted us to power. But, they didn't recognise you."

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