KCR Attends Wedding in Delhi: Media Asks No Time To Meet Disha Family?

KCR Attends Wedding in Delhi: Media Asks No Time To Meet Disha Family?

National media has targeted Telangana CM KCR in New Delhi. KCR, who is in Delhi to attend a high profile wedding, has been spotted by media at airport. The media questioned KCR over the brutal rape and murder of a doctor in Hyderabad. The media went onto question him for not meeting the victim's family in Hyderabad, whereas his visit to Delhi to attend a wedding ceremony.

Even as media persons prodded KCR to respond on the hot topic, the Telangana CM has avoided the questions and was visibly tight lipped. The CM's security personnel have stopped media reaching out to him as he is not in a mood to talk to media.

It can be noted that the Telangana CM has already ordered the Disha case to be taken up by a special fast track court. He has directed officials for a speedy probe. However, the inaction against the police department in the issue has garnered severe criticism. The police department has later suspended the Sub Inspector and two head constables who had initially refused to file an FIR.

Yet, the public outrage over the heinous rape and murder of Disha is all over the nation with people of various sections took to streets demanding justice for the victim and her family. As CM KCR is in national capital, the national media is expecting him to make a statement on the Hyderabad rape and murder. Let's wait and see, whether KCR would issue a formal statement in Delhi.

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