KCR directs fast track court to deal Priyanka Reddy's case

KCR directs fast track court to deal Priyanka Reddy's case

Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao ordered officials to make sure that the four accused in vet Priyanka Reddy's gang-rape and murder are tried in a fast track court and the perpetrators get the strongest penalties. This is the first reaction  from the CM since the incident happened on November 27. However, his earnest move has been satisfactory to the protestors.

Expressing his anguish, the CM has come up with a fast track to deal with the brutal case. Another case in Warangal, where a minor girl has been raped and murdered has also been set up the fast track and ensured the verdict in 56 days. Now, Priyanka Reddy's case verdict is also expected soon.

In the meanwhile, KCR also stated that his government would assist the victim's family in all aspects and lend their full support. The CM office stated that KCR was shocked, upset and disturbed with the heinous crime. He termed the whole case as gruesome and inhuman.

The shocking incident has left the country in deep anger and hatred. On November 29, cops have arrested two lorry drivers and two lorry cleaners, all under the age of 26. The protests are going in many parts of the country and currently, every individual is awaiting for the death penalty to the accused

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