KTR urges Modi to hang the rapists immediately

KTR urges Modi to hang the rapists immediately

Working President of TRS, KTR took to his Twitter account to express his anguish over increasing rape cases in the past few months and claimed that  the government should take the immediate decision of hanging all those who are convicted in such heinous crimes.

Urging Prime Minister Narendra Modi, KTR asked to take Priyanka Reddy's rape case as a priority into his day-long discussion.  Seeking justice for Priyanka, KTR also urged to make the judicial system more efficient and make stronger penalties by amending the Indian Penal Code and Code of Criminal Procedure.

Earlier, KTR also assured that he will personally monitor the case and bring justice by punishing the accused. Solely concentrating on Priyanka Reddy's case, KTR tagged Modi on Twitter and asked him how to bring justice immediately? "Justice delayed is justice denied," KTR added.

New laws should be made and there should be no room for the delay is what every protestor today fights for. And, KTR, on behalf of them, went on to seek help from Modi on a public domain. KTR's move has been highly lauded by netizens but Telangana state is also left in surprise as the Chief Minister KCR failed to utter his feelings on the case.

Instead, KCR's visit to Khanapir MLA Rekha Naik's daughter wedding has brought a lot of criticism that the CM is busy with attending big fat weddings.  With the judgment of rape case usually comes later, people are pleading for the speedy trails. in veterinarian's brutal case.

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