HYD CP deletes tweet after receiving criticism

HYD CP deletes tweet after receiving criticism

With the public outcry over police showing apathy towards Priyanka Reddy's case initially, three cops have been suspended yesterday on terms of delaying in taking action. It is reported that the police also cited jurisdiction issues to the victim's family which aggravated the protestors yesterday.

On Saturday, Hyderabad police commissioner Anjani Kumar once again brought jurisdiction point in the limelight by saying that the brutal incident of doctor's rape case took place in Cyberabad, which is in Ranga Reddy district, and not in Hyderabad. The tweet instantly received criticism, backlash and outrage.

This made Anjani Kumar to delete the tweet within an hour. However, the topic of jurisdiction by Anjani Kumar was unintentional.The intention of the commissioner was to correct the media for stating the incident occurred in Hyderabad. Sad that the clarification portrayed in a wrong way and public slammed that he is bringing jurisdiction as the main priority instead of focusing on the brutality.

His tweet said: "The rape and murder case reported is from Ranga Reddy district of Cyberabad Police Commissionerate. It is not Hyderabad, as has been wrongly reported by one channel." Users commented asking the Hyderabad commissioner, "What is the point in this technicality?" "Does this really make a difference?" "What is the reason for putting this information now?"

Also, the city's Utopian Global Citizens handle said, "For the world, it is Hyderabad. There may be three commissionerates but does that matter. It is a shocking and tragic incident." Another tweet said, "There was no objection when Rajiv Gandhi International Airport is tweeted as Hyderabad. Why now?".

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