Pawan Kalyan Tribute Songs: Is There Any Use?

Pawan Kalyan Tribute Songs: Is There Any Use?

Pawan Kalyan has taken a sabbatical from acting and is concentrating on his political journey. However, his craze among his fans and film circles has not reduced even a bit. One best example is the series of Pawan tribute songs being released by the makers of several low budget films.

The team of the upcoming romantic entertainer 'Miss Match' has remade the the iconic chartbuster 'Ee Manase' song from Pawan Kalyan's cult hit 'Tholi Prema'. What's more, Pawan himself will be launching the song at 11:11 a.m. today. While the tune remains the same, the remixed version of Ee Manase is fast paced and is loaded with peppy beats.

But the real question here is whether there is any use of these tribute songs. Recently, George Reddy's team had released a special Pawan Kalyan tribute song. However, the song failed to click with fans and even the film didn't set the box office on fire.

In the past too, there were several movies which gave special tributes to Pawan (read used his craze) by using his songs, titles and even dialogues, but to no benefit. While small films continue to bank on Pawan Kalyan's craze, it doesn't seem to translate to box office success.

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