#Disha Raped & Murdered: CP Sajjanar Reveals Case Details

#Disha Raped & Murdered: CP Sajjanar Reveals Case Details

The heinous and inhuman crime in Hyderabad has grabbed the attention of entire nation. The City police nabbed all four accused in Priyanka Reddy's murder case: A1 as Lorry Driver Pasha (26), A2 as Cleaner Jollu Shiva (20), A3 as Jollu Naveen (23) and A4 Cleaner Chenna Keshavulu (20). The Lorry was parked near the toll gate as Iron material was not unloaded.

Speaking to the media, CP Sajjanar said that 4 accused people have seen Priyanka parking her scooty near Thondupalli and trapped her by puncturing the back tyre of bike. It was planned by Naveen. 'The veternary doctor started at her residence around 5:42 PM and parked her vehicle at Thondupalli toll plaza at 6:13 PM. Around 9:13 PM, Priyanka returned from Gachibowli and her phone was switched off from 9:48 PM. The Lorry driver and cleaners have come forward offering they would fix the puncture. Later, two of them took away the scooty and came back by filling in air.' said CP.

'Priyanka was killed when they were trying to close her mouth while raping her,' said CP.  After getting to know that she is no more, Naveen and Shiva drove the bike and others travelled in the Lorry. At an Indian Oil Fuel Station, they've got petrol and took a U-turn at Shadnagar. By wrapping Priyanka in a blanket, they burnt her dead body at 2:30 AM in the morning. They also went back to verify if the body was completely burnt. Finally, they came to Aramghar to unload the material and left to their respective places.'

CP Sajjanar further said that murder case was investigated in all dimensions and the accused will be presented in fast track court.

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