KCR punch to RTC JAC leaders

KCR punch to RTC JAC leaders

With the TSRTC issue getting a happy ending, CM KCR has now directed the officials to arrange a meeting with RTC employees. On Sunday this meeting will be held at Pragathi Bhavan at 12 Noon.

For this meeting, CM wanted at least five employees from each depot across the state. There a total of 97 bus depots in Telangana and among the five member representation, KCR asked to include two women employees and also employees of all communities. The RTC MD was instructed to make travel arrangements for the employees who would reach from different parts of Telangana to Hyderabad.

However, KCR directed the officials not to allow RTC JAC or union leaders at any cost as he opined that they are polluting the employees with bad ideas. Yesterday at the press meet, KCR criticized union leaders who led an unsuccessful strike and added that there is no question of meeting union leaders for talks and he would not encourage them at all hereafter. KCR also vowed that eliminate unions in RTC and in its place, it would appoint two officials at every depot who would like into the issues of employees.

Overall, KCR is making sure to influence RTC employees in his way and not entertain unions and leaders.

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