Most Corrupted States: Telangana at 5th place

Most Corrupted States: Telangana at 5th place

An independent organization has done a research on the states which are infected by corruption and the state of Telangana has got fifth place. According to the India Corruption Survey 2019, 51 percent of Indians do pay bribes to get their work done and this observation is made in the last 12 months.

Coming to the Telangana, 67 percent of people have said that they did pay ransom to get their pending work done. Only 11 percent people said they got work done without paying any money but this is unofficial.

Rajasthan, Bihar and Jharkhand are the states which occupied the first three places respectively. In the desert state, around 78 people offer to pay bribes to the government officials for their work and 22 percent don't pay in spite of demanding.

From the south, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu states stood in seventh and eighth places respectively. Surprisingly, Andhra Pradesh state did not feature in the top eight places.

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