'150 YCP Animals Spoiling Amaravati'

'150 YCP Animals Spoiling Amaravati'

Minister Kodali Nani's comments comparing Opposition leader and former CM Chandrababu with dogs, goats and buffaloes have deeply hurt the Telugu Desam Party leaders. Unable to digest Nani's severe remarks, TDP leaders have come down heavily on YCP netas.

"150 YCP Animals have spoiled capital city Amaravati. YCP leaders are destroying capital's image," said emotional Bonda Uma. Bonda also lashed out at minister Botsa Satyanarayana for calling Capital as cemetry. He said Jagan's very own ministers are spoiling the image of capital Amaravati.

Bonda asked the government not to halt the capital citing one community. He asked the state government to capital region.

Meanwhile, Bonda said CM Jagan has got alerted after Opposition leader Chandrababu Naidu had announced to visit the capital city along with national media. Bonda said Jagan has immediately announced to start the halted works in capital following Chandrababu's call to visit Amaravati.

He said Kodali Nani's comments are very bad in taste. He also criticized Speaker Tammineni for making such demeaning comments like 'Nee Guddaludadeesta' over Chandrababu Naidu.

Another TDP leader Kuna Ravi Kumar said Botsa's mind blocked with CM Jagan's twists. He said if capital Amaravati is burial ground, who is the undertaker (Kati Kapari)?

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