#TSRTC: All eyes on cabinet meeting

#TSRTC: All eyes on cabinet meeting

Every time we think TSRTC strike will come to an end, it is taking a turn and leading to nowhere. Even though RTC JAC has called off the strike, the Telangana government denied employees to get back to their work.

On Thursday the cabinet will meet and this meeting will decide the fate of RTC. Already CM KCR has announced that he would privatise RTC and call for private travel operators to take over the 5100 routes in the state.

With the High Court giving a free hand to government, it is just a formality. But there are also reports that KCR will partially privatise RTC for now and do the rest in coming years. Yet the suspense continues as KCR is unpredictable and known for taking drastic bold steps.

Meanwhile the RTC JAC too is eagerly waiting for the government's decision. If it is against them, they are planning to go to New Delhi and request union government's intervention.

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