RTC bus hits Sampoornesh Babu's car

RTC bus hits Sampoornesh Babu's car

A huge number of road accidents taking place in Hyderabad is one of the unfortunate things that we are hearing on a daily basis. While we want to end the horrible mishaps, here comes another news, leaving us in worry.  Actor Sampoornesh Babu, our beloved burning star, has met with a car accident. However, he is doing okay, urging fans to not worry.

The actor, who was travelling in his car in Siddipet, along with his wife and daughter, had an RTC bus hit his four-wheeler from behind. The accident took place near Siddipet's new bus stand. Sampoornesh Babu and his family members suffered minor injuries, who were on a way to the outing.

Yesterday's case of Sohini Saxena, a TCS employee, died after temporary RTC driver rammed onto her two-wheeler, is shaking city with extreme pain and grief. And today, Sampoornesh Babu's car accident is once again causing concerns among his fans keeping in mind the recent mishaps of the city. We wish a speedy recovery to the actor.

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