Breaking: Supreme orders for 'Maha' floor test

Breaking: Supreme orders for 'Maha' floor test

In a breaking news, the Supreme Court of India has ordered for a floor test of Maharashtra Assembly on November 27th which is tomorrow. This means the BJP has 24 hours time to prove its majority. The Supreme also ordered for live telecast of the floor test and should be conducted in open ballot.

However, the assembly has to elect Pro-tem speaker first and it all depends on him/her. With BJP's Devendra Fadnavis being the Chief Minister, things can be in the saffron party's favour. Either the CM or the Governor can take a call on the Pro-tem speaker but as Supreme Court did not mention anything about it, Maha CM is likely to take a call. Pro-tem plays a crucial role during the floor test.

Last night Congress, NCP and Shiva Sena have staged a parade at a five star hotel and claimed that they have 162 MLAs support. Maharashtra assembly is compromising of 288 MLA and 145 is the magic figure for the majority.

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