Exposed: It's not TDP, Jana Sena Faking- But YCP Lying

Exposed: It's not TDP, Jana Sena Faking- But YCP Lying

Earlier a picture of Gandhi statue's plinth was seen painted in green colour i.e YCP's trademark colour on its flag. And this picture had gone viral. However, few YCP  leaders and its supported media has come forward and clarified that it was a fake picture. It has posted a fresh picture showing Gandhi statue's plinth/podium in white. They had called the picture circulated by TDP and Janasena as fake. Many have believed YCP's allegation on Opposition and believed that Gandhi statue's platform isn't painted.

However, here is the twist in the tale. Following YCP's 'fake' picture and 'fake' post allegations, Opposition has released a video glimpse showing the same Gandhi statue's plinth painted in YCP Green. This has shocked even media folks. Instead of accepting the mistake humbly and rectifying it, YCP leaders resorted to fake post allegation. But they got exposed and caught lying when the original video has come out.

With this, YCP leaders are caught off-guard and they don't know how to defend themselves and how to show their faces after their blatant lie got exposed. CM Jagan is also extremely serious on leaders for their poor mistakes. After painting Indian map, Gram Panchayat offices with YCP colours, they had even went onto the extent of painting an idol on Temple in Nellore district that had raised serious criticism from locals.

Looks like, YCP leaders are continuing the mistake. Going by the adage, 'A Mistake Repeated Is A Decision'. Seems, YCP has made its decision to paint its colours to public properties to stay in public. 

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