Hyderabad Traffic Police Collects Rs 100 Crores In Fines

Hyderabad Traffic Police Collects Rs 100 Crores In Fines

The new Motor Vehicle (Amendment) act, 2019, has changed the traffic scenarios for motorists plying on Indian roads, followed by hue and cry from commuters. The central government did a phenomenal job by amending the traffic laws. But every coin has two faces. With tremendous traffic laws comes the money-making for the government and it was possible only with mandatory and hefty driving penalties.

The Hyderabad citizens are in the dilemma whether the traffic conditions will ever improve in the near future or not, though the intention behind the amendment is really good. It is speculated that the Hyderabad, Cyberabad, and Rachakonda police are merely concentrating on enforcement and hardly on regulating any traffic in the Tri-Commissionerate.

Under the MV act and the City Police act in these three commissionerates, the harsh fines have made the revenue collection of Rs 100 crore till June this year. The Cyberabad traffic police collected Rs 23 crore till October this year and Rachakonda traffic police collected Rs 22 crore in fines for traffic violations. With mammoth 48 plus lakhs vehicular density, Hyderabad police collecting such a huge amount doesn't come as a surprise.

Quantum of punishment is too much to bear for the common people and in a few states, the BJP ruled state Governments have reduced the rates in their respective states. Safety was a prime intention but at the cost of money is not desirable. Moreover, a few cases emerged with the blame of slapping fines even for offences they never made. Officials justified that the mistake is due to identifying registration numbers in CCTV footages and will meticulously look into such cases.

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