20 TDP MLAs, YCP MLAs & MPs in touch: Chowdary

20 TDP MLAs, YCP MLAs & MPs in touch: Chowdary

Rajya Sabha MP Sujana Chowdary said many YSRCP MLAs and MPs are in touch with the BJP and he also corrected the number of TDP MLAs in contact with him. "Not nine MLAs but 20 MLAs are in talks with us," added Sujana.

When asked about the MLAs and MPs names, Sujana replied that this is not the right time to reveal about them. "Those legislatures and Parliamentarians are in no rush to BJP and in fact they want to take their own sweet time. When the appropriate time comes, they will shift the party and might also take call on their constitutional positions," stated Sujana.

He further said, BJP is making strategic moves to form the next government in Andhra Pradesh. About Pawan Kalyan's New Delhi tour, Sujana added that he has no clue about Pawan talking to the BJP leaders in government. "I'm not in touch with him and no knowledge with whom he is taking to in Delhi," quipped Sujana.

BJP is really pulling its socks and Sujana's fresh comments might bring  insecurity in both YSRCP and TDP. Though it is a usual stuff for the AP opposition, the ruling party must worried as having won 151 MLAs, the party is not doing adequate stuff to keep the MLAs in its fold.

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