I'm Useful To TDP, TDP Not Useful To Me

I'm Useful To TDP, TDP Not Useful To Me

Responding to the severe criticism over jumping to YCP, the TDP's former Telugu Yuvatha president Devineni Avinash has defended his decision to join YCP. Avinash stated that he has earned the love, admiration of followers but he said he hasn't earned money, wealth.

Avinash said he hadn't indulged in any land grabs or any wrongdoings when TDP was in power. He said he need not fear for any as he hasn't done any wrong. He added that there are no allegations against him.

"I was useful to TDP. But TDP was never useful to me," said Devineni Avinash adding that the decision to leave TDP is 'fair' according to him. Avinash said he is impressed by the government programs implemented by CM Jagan. He said he has firm belief that AP will progress under Jagan's rule.

Meanwhile, Avinash has thanked party chief and CM Jagan for handing over the responsibilities of the party for Vijayawada East Assembly constituency. Avinash said he would ensure that the party is strengthened in the constituency and YCP candidates would win in the coming local body elections.

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