TRS MLA Chennamaneni Not Indian Citizen, Declares Home Ministry

TRS MLA Chennamaneni Not Indian Citizen, Declares Home Ministry

In an yet another shock to ruling TRS, the Centre has declared that TRS MLA is not Indian citizen. The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has cancelled the citizenship of TRS MLA Chennamaneni Ramesh who is currently representing Vemulawada Assembly constituency in Rajanna Sircilla district  and falls under Karimnagar Lok Sabha constituency.

The Ministry of Home Affairs said the competent authority is "satisfied that it is not conducive to public good that Chennamaneni continues to be a citizen of India" and, therefore, decided that he "ceases" to be a citizen of the country. In its 13-page order, the Home Ministry said the competent authority has taken several aspects into consideration like Chennamaneni Ramesh being a sitting MLA and the absence of a criminal background and the fact that no criminal case has been filed against him. He has not been reportedly involved in any activity of terrorism, espionage, serious organised crime or war crime, it said. Yet it has ordered to cancel Ramesh's citizenship.

The MHA reasoned that it has cancelled the citizenship of Ramesh for concealing facts about his foreign visits during the 12-month period immediately preceding his Indian citizenship seeking application.  The Home Ministry opined that Chennamaneni Ramesh's misrepresentation/concealment of fact misled the government of India in making its decision initially. "Had he revealed the fact that he had not resided in India for one year before making the application, the competent authority in this ministry would not have granted citizenship to him," an order by MHA said.

The order further added that Ramesh has to be fair in making his submissions since he has greater responsibility as a public representative. "His conduct shall stand as an example to the people whom he represents," the Order said, adding that as a member of the esteemed Legislative Assembly, he is part of the august body that takes decisions affecting the fate of millions of citizens.

Meanwhile, Ramesh is planning to move the High Court to safeguard his citizenship.

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