50 TDP Websites Maligned Me - Vamsi

50 TDP Websites Maligned Me - Vamsi

For the last few days, Vallabhaneni Vamsi is in news for wrong reasons. He has unleashed a blistering attack on his own party from where he had won the 2019 Assembly election. Vamsi claimed that a section in TDP has targeted him after the party's defeat in the polls.

Reasoning his abusive attack on TDP, Vamsi said some 50-odd websites have targeted him and tried to malign him after the results. He said he had even brought up the issue with TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu and general secretary Nara Lokesh. Vamsi said Naidu had told him that a Khammam reporter from Andhrajyothy is behind this.

However, Vamsi said he had found out from Intelligence Bureau officials that around 50 websites are operated from TDP office and these websites were launching the attack on him. Vamsi said he has been targeted by TDP own leaders due to "insecurity" as he is close friend of Jr NTR. Vamsi went onto say that Lokesh and Naidu are feeling insecured after poll drubbing.

TDP leaders are denying Vamsi's allegations as baseless. Already, Nara Lokesh had earlier claimed innocence and said how he would be responsible for some media posts on Vamsi.

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