Funds For Telugu, Spends on English

Funds For Telugu, Spends on English

Pawan Kalyan has fumed on Jagan government over its stand on English as medium of instruction. In his latest attack, Pawan questioned YCP MP Raghurama Krishnamraju's 'love' for Telugu in Parliament session on Tuesday where he has urged the Centre to distribute the Telugu Academy's funds to AP and Telangana in 52 to 48 ration as per AP Reorganization Act.

In a direct attack, Pawan questioned how YCP MP is seeking funds for Telugu and on the other hand his government wants to spend on promoting English. "You are taking money for Telugu and spending it on English," said Pawan Kalyan.

"Other than getting funds from the Centre, so Telugu language is not useful for you," said Pawan. Posting video of Narsapuram MP Raghurama Krishnamraju's speech in Parliament, Pawan said, "Not just me, for anyone who watches this speech feels that Telugu is only useful for us to get funds from the Centre."

Pawan said that Article 350-A doesn't mean to take funds for Telugu and spending it on English. Pawan warned CM Jagan that the Prime Minister's Office (PMO) is closely observing. "PMO office will definitely notice this ‘Jagan Reddy garu," wrote Pawan. He also posted what article 350-A is all about.

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