Pawan Shares Cartoon on Jagan

Pawan Shares Cartoon on Jagan

Pawan Kalyan took potshots at AP CM YS Jagan in a morning tweet on Saturday. Sharing a cartoon satire on Jagan, Pawan said this is what the perception on Jagan in national capital Delhi.

"This is what 'Delhi’ feels about YCP leader Sri. Jagan Reddy," wrote Pawan. By mentioning Jagan as YCP leader and not addressing as Chief Minister, Pawan has vented out his anger on Jagan. In addition to this cartoon, Pawan has also shared an editorial in Economic Times against Jagan.

Pawan criticized Jagan government for being responsible for making 35 lakh construction workers jobless in first five months of tenure and thus abbetting the suicides of 50-odd workers. He said this is Jagan's achievement after people voted him to power by giving thunderous majority of 151 seats out of total 175 seats.

From Delhi, Pawan continued his Twitter war on Jagan Reddy. Pawan seems to have deeply hurt with Jagan's personal comments on his marriages and wives. Following this, Pawan has unleashed all-round attack on Jagan Reddy. Looks like, Pawan - Jagan's war of words is not going to cool down soon. Let's see what is Pawan's plan of action in Delhi and how he tries to trouble Jagan government at Centre level.

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