This is what Delhi feels about AP CM Jagan

This is what Delhi feels about AP CM Jagan

Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan is in New Delhi and is expected to meet PM Modi, Home minister Amit Shah and other central ministers. Pawan's Delhi tour main motto is to complain against the YSRCP government's hasty decisions which are hurting the state very badly.

Pawan who is a morning person, shared clippings of news articles related to Andhra Pradesh CM YS Jagan's regressive politics. A newspaper also carried a cartoon of Jagan's image with sand bags tied to his legs which is a symbolic representation of the sand crisis in the state.

One of the articles claimed that Jagan's decision are not just affecting the urban development in the state but also in the country and all the decisions are taken in view of vendetta politics. The article advised Jagan to roll back his decisions as quick as possible.

Then Pawan wrote that people of AP, gave 151 MLAs to YSRCP whereas they have killed over 80 construction workers with their inefficiency to handle the sand crisis in state.

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