Brand Ambassadors For Boothus

Brand Ambassadors For Boothus

The abusive comments of minister Kodali Nani against former Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu have come as a great shock. Kodali Nani stooped so low by targeting Naidu's late father and mother. Using the words like 'Ne Amma Mogudu' publicly in front of media, Kodali went onto blast senior politician Chandrababu with offensive comments.

The other day, Vallabhaneni Vamsi too made similar Boothu comments on Nara Lokesh calling Lokesh as 'Bal Bachcha', 'Pappu' and throughout referred to him as 'Vaadu' and Vamsi's boothu comments in live TV debate on Rajendra Prasad have hit new low. Both Vamsi and Kodali Nani have abused the leaders who are much elder to them in age. Interestingly, Nani also blasted Pawan Kalyan now. Describing Pawan Kalyan as "hidden" partner of TDP, Nani said that Pawan would exactly make same statements as TDP within hours of gap.

In democracy, criticism should be constructive and objective whereas our YCP leaders and its supporters are resorting to personally abusive, profane comments.

YCP leaders Kodali Nani and soon-to-be-joining YCP leader Vallabhaneni Vamsi have spit venom against Chandrababu. Nani has referred Naidu as 'Vaadu'. At least, Nani should respect Chandrababu for his age. While YSR and Chandrababu were arch rivals in politics, YSR had never allowed his party leaders to abuse Opposition leader like this.

It is high time, CM Jagan should pass strict warning to his cabinet colleagues and MLAs to control the tongue. This is not just bring down impression on politicians as whole, it will also affect the image of YCP in public perspective. It is better the ministers should work on the people problems instead of targeting Opposition leaders.

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