Will NTR Stop Vamsi's 'Lokesh Vs NTR'?

Will NTR Stop Vamsi's 'Lokesh Vs NTR'?

Jr NTR has become hot topic in AP politics. He has become talking point with his close friend Vallabhaneni Vamsi raking up NTR's name. As comparison is drawn between Lokesh and NTR, naturally, both TDP and Vamsi's gang is up in the arms against one another.

Taking NTR's name directly, Vamsi has made critical comments on Lokesh that he would fear NTR and his fame in masses. Vamsi said Lokesh gets "104 fever" seeing NTR. These are serious comments.

When NTR himself had said TDP's blood is running in him, is it not high time, NTR should step in to save the party and the ongoing war of words where his name is at the Centre. Even TDP's die-hard fans are expecting NTR to step in to pacify his friend Vamsi and refrain him taking his name at least.

As damage is more for TDP with the allegations of NTR distancing from the party, the onus lies on NTR to clarify whether he has voluntarily stayed away from party activities for his films or party affairs affected him directly.

The topic of Jr NTR and his father late Hari Krishna is back and TDP is expected to pay huge price if it doesn't settle issue with Vamsi at the earliest. On the whole, Nara Lokesh is the most affected in the issue. Let's see whether NTR responds or not.

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