Jr NTR Ni Chusthe Lokesh Ki 104 Fever - Vamsi

Jr NTR Ni Chusthe Lokesh Ki 104 Fever - Vamsi

A day after hurling abusive comments on TDP senior leader Rajendra Prasad and other leaders of TDP, Vallabhaneni Vamsi continued his blistering attack on Lokesh and Chandrababu Naidu.

Responding to Nara Lokesh who accused Vamsi of switching political party to 'protect' his assets, Vamsi asked whether Lokesh and Chandrababu could prove where he has 'properties' and for what 'properties' he had 'compromised' with CM Jagan.

Gannavaram MLA Vallabhaneni Vamsi blasted Lokesh stating that the latter has even failed to become MLA while he had aspired to become Chief Minister. "Lokesh aspired to become CM and Chandrababu aspired to become PM and both have fallen down. Does Chandrababu have any guts to take on PM Modi? Chandrababu's Deekshas are useless." Vamsi raised about Lokesh's defeat in Mangalagiri constituency and Chandrababu's inefficiency to make his son as MLA.

Coming down heavily on Lokesh, Vamsi went onto describe Lokesh as 'Pappu' and even dubbed him as 'Bal Bachcha'. Stating that Lokesh is 'dumb' and incomparable with Jr NTR, Vamsi said, "Lokesh ki, NTR ki, Nakka ki, Naga Lokaniki Vunna Teda Vundi." Vamsi said NTR was star campaigner in 2009 and did a great help to party in 2009 electioneering. He asked why NTR is missing in TDP.

Vamsi further said, "NTR ni chusthe Nara Lokesh ki bhayam. NTR ni chusthe Lokesh ki 104 fever."  Vamsi did not even spare former CM Chandrababu. He said, "Chandrababu pallu korakadam tappa, emi cheyaledu." He added that Naidu can't even touch him. Vamsi said Lokesh is depending on his parents' assets whereas he said he is independent and came on his own and grown on his own in politics. "Nee Amma, Nee Ayya Asthulu Meeda Nuvvu Bratukutunnav. Nenu Kasthapadi Vachanu," said Vamsi.

TDP's Jurassic Park

Vallabhaneni Vamsi said TDP has Jurassic Park around Chandrababu Naidu. He said there are several animals in TDP's Jurassic Park. He said buffoons, jokers in TDP are giving media statements against him. Vamsi even advised Chandrababu to keep these jokers away from him.

Those Websites Not Related To TDP - Lokesh

Earlier Nara Lokesh said Vamsi is joining YCP only to protect his properties. Lokesh clarified that neither he nor TDP is not related to the websites that have morphed Vamsi and tried to defame him. Lokesh said how he can be blamed and made responsible for some random and negative articles against Vamsi.

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