Pawan flies to Delhi, To meet Amit Shah!

Pawan flies to Delhi, To meet Amit Shah!

Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan flew to the New Delhi all of a sudden and this has become a hot topic in the AP political circles. From the media reports, it is said that Pawan is likely to meet Home minister Amit Shah and if possible PM Narendra Modi.

In the recent times, Pawan Kalyan has pitched up his fight against the ruling YSRCP government and he took the centre stage in the media despite having a proper opposition like TDP. With Pawan's protests and criticism, YSRCP is restless and attacks and counter attacks are going on for the last few days.

With Pawan being in the main focus, BJP which is trying to bring him into his fold, is getting ready to hold talks with him. Accordingly as and when Pawan conveyed the idea of meeting BJP leadership, he got an immediate response and so he rushed to the national capital without wasting time. In this trip, Pawan might meet Modi as well given the latter's availability or else the Jana Sena chief is expected to stay for one more day in New Delhi.

There is a rumour in AP that YSRCP government is having BJP and its leaders support. But this was cleared off recently with Jagan getting denied Modi and Shah's appointments. BJP is heard to be upset on this rumour and has distanced itself of the ruling party in state. Instead of YSRCP and Chandrababu, BJP wants to build rapport with Pawan, so that by 2024 elections, they can form an alliance and go for the polls.

The other side of Pawan's Delhi tour is, he is going there just to complaint against the state government in dealing with issues like sand crisis and introduction of English medium in all government schools. Jana Sena leader does have some evidence of wrongdoings of YSRCP government and he wants to put them before the BJP government, so that they would take action against AP CM YS Jagan.

Whatever it is, if Pawan gets Modi and Shah appointments, then Jagan will have something to bother. Even after this meeting, if nothing comes out, Jagan will have advantage while Pawan will remain as leader with no action.

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