#RTCStrike: JAC gives up merger demand!

#RTCStrike: JAC gives up merger demand!

The TSRTC has come down on its main demand that it went for strike on October 5th. RTC JAC convener Ashwathama Reddy has announced that they are dropping the demand of merger of RTC with government for now but for sure they would take it up the issue in future for the welfare of employees.

"We took this decision collectively as employees are going into depression and committing suicides. At least now the government has to call us for talks and look towards solving our demands. If not we would intensity our agitation further," said Ashwathama Reddy. He added that the government should take the responsibility of employees who have committed suicide so far and despite employees dying at one end, TRS sarkar is unmoved.

"The government should unconditionally release all the RTC JAC leaders who were arrested. Even during the Telangana agitation, we did not see such arrests and the government is suppressing our voice with police force," stated Ashwathama Reddy. Lastly the JAC convener said if the government privatizes 5100 routes then the poor and backward people will face difficulty. The government should rethink its stubborn stand on humanitarian ground and call us for talks, appealed Reddy.

The strike of TSRTC has entered 41st day. The other day CM KCR has discussed about the route permits with transport authority officials but is waiting for High Court’s verdict in inviting private travel operators.

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