E for Esuka, E for English

E for Esuka, E for English

The two burning topics that are troubling CM Jagan are Esuka (Sand Scarcity) and English medium's introduction in government schools. Ironically, both start with E and this is noted by none other than Undavalli Arun Kumar, who is close aide of late YSR.

Undavalli, who is known as intellectual in political circles, remarked that the sand scarcity is serious issue that brought bad reputation to Jagan government. He said Jagan government is now claiming of availability of sand and is willing to distribute the sand, but he added that the sand rates have been hiked in Jagan's rule and he asked the government to look into it.

He advised YCP leaders and government to explain people on the reasons for increasing sand prices and he asked them to decrease the time of criticizing Opposition parties. Undavalli stressed that the government should focus on convincing people instead of indulging in politics.

The former Rajahmundry MP said the 'political corruption' has come down drastically in Jagan's rule. He said it is welcome change. He said the corruption in officials would take some time to come down.

He pointed that the ACB has become active and strong which would show its results soon. Overall, Undavalli has appeared to have played a balance role. But on other hand, he has come as a strong defense to Jagan's rule and supported even decisions that are bringing bad name to his government.

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