Viral Video: Vamsi Swamy's Boothu Puraanam

Viral Video: Vamsi Swamy's Boothu Puraanam

In fact, migrations and defections are quite common in the 'cheapest' politics our politicians often play. But then, AP Chief Minister YS Jagan has set a precedent by not allowing MLAs from other parties to join into the ruling party by passing an Anti-Defection Law. However, that is not getting applied to the non-elected leaders.

While Devineni Avinash joined YSRC officially, Gannavaram MLA Vallabhaneni Vamsi clarified that he's not resigning to the post, but will be extending his support to YS Jagan. Discussing the same, when TV9 Telugu invited Vamsi for a debate with TDP MLC Rajendra Prasad as the other participant, the Gannavaram MLA lost his cool and used all the foul language on earth to justify his moves.

After Vamsi opened up his mouth, netizens erupted in anger as they shared some of his old videos. In one of them, which is going viral now, Vamsi is seen saying that 'Kadupuki annam tinevadu evadu YSRC lo join avvadu'.

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