'TDP Is Sinking Titanic Ship'

'TDP Is Sinking Titanic Ship'

Once a strong loyalist of TDP, Gannavaram MLA Vallabhaneni Vamsi has made harshest remarks on TDP by describing it as sinking Titanic ship. Vamsi cautioned that if Naidu and his son Lokesh, his team of advisers won't mend their ways, he said the party would sink like Titanic ship.

Drawing parallels with the boat that sank in Godavari river, Vamsi said even Dharmadi Satyam and gang who had unraveled the drowned boat from Godavari couldn't find TDP ship.

Vamsi said TDP would meet with the same fate as it met in Telangana. Citing Huzurnagar by-election result where the party got meager votes, Vamsi said TDP candidate in Huzurnagar did not even get 2000 votes. He said this is even less than the party's membership in Huzurnagar constituency. He said same would be repeated in AP if Naidu and Lokesh won't change.

Vallabhaneni Vamsi said he had conveyed to Naidu about the cases and troubles that are coming his way and he said Naidu's reaction was shocking. He, however, said Naidu and TDP has only started responding after announcing his resignation to party.

He said this is in bad taste. Vamsi asked TDP to support Jagan government in its good decisions. Vamsi's comments have come as a shocker and indigestible to TDP's hard-core fans.

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