Avinash & Vamsi Turn Naidu's Deeksha Into Flop Show

Avinash & Vamsi Turn Naidu's Deeksha Into Flop Show

Call it a sheer coincidence or a planned shock to TDP, its Telugu State Yuvatha President Devineni Avinash has quit the party on the very day Chandrababu has staged a much-publicized 12 hour Deeksha against government over sand crisis.

Contrary to the leaders who had left TDP so far, Avinash hit out at Naidu and went onto praise Jagan. Avinash stated that Jagan would be CM for second term as well and promised to work towards it. Avinash's comments come as a strange and surprise at this juncture where Jagan's government is under fire for its decisions.

On the other hand, Gannavaram MLA Vallabhaneni Vamsi, who had resigned to TDP's membership recently, has blasted Naidu on the very day. Vamsi's planned press meet has indeed targeted Naidu and it did cause a great damage to Deeksha. As the media attention is on Devineni Avinash and Vallabhaneni Vamsi, Naidu's deeksha got relatively little media attention.

Vamsi too made crucial comments that he has not decided to resign MLA post. This has heated up the politics in Gannavaram once again given that YCP's Yarlagadda is challenging Vamsi that he would not be entered into YCP.

Vamsi on the other hand has stated he would extend his support to CM Jagan. Vamsi has made harshest comments on TDP by describing it as sinking Titanic ship and said no one could save it.

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