Where is Jr NTR in TDP? Will walk with Jagan: Vamsi

Where is Jr NTR in TDP? Will walk with Jagan: Vamsi

Vallabhaneni Vamsi has ended the suspense over this political future and no surprises here, Vamsi has extended his support to AP CM YS Jagan and his YSRCP government. Vamsi called on the press meet and replied to every question to the presspersons asked. He went on to make interesting comments on TDP, Jr NTR and Lokesh in this media call.

'I know Jagan since 1995'
"I have resigned to TDP's primary membership and also to my MLA position. I've decided to walk with Jagan. Keeping the politics aside, I've very close association with Jagan since 1995. I'm neither fearing cases nor doing any financial transactions with Jagan but extending my complete and unconditional support to him," said Vamsi.

Where is Jr NTR now in the party?
Raking up the issue of Jr NTR, Vamsi added, "About a decade back, NTR kept his film career aside and worked for TDP. He campaigned for the party. Where is he now and why did the party keep him aside?," questioned Vamsi. He said his character is being assassinated by a few within the party.

Mocking TDP general secretary, Nara Lokesh, Vamsi made satirical comments. "People who don't know the difference between birthday and death anniversary are now leading the party. There is a batch behind Lokesh who always take him to the sky. One day he will definitely fall from the high and break his back," stated Vamsi.

Taking on TDP chief Chandrababu, Vamsi added that he is not even able to efficiently handle the role of opposition leader. "YSRCP government is taking baby steps and it needs to be given time. It is true that due to rain and floods, there is shortage of sand but there is no need to panic. Why is TDP protesting now which is completely unnecessary? There is a talk that Chandrababu has invented computer and smartphone. Why can't he invent such technology to extract sand even during floods," asked Vamsi.

Finally Vallabhaneni declared that he is going to join YSRCP soon.

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