All Is Not Well Between Telugu CMs?

All Is Not Well Between Telugu CMs?

With YSRCP forming government in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana CM KCR befriended YS Jagan. Their camaraderie surprised political circles and in fact, they made joint statements that good days are ahead for the Telugu states. But not always political equations match and now both the Telugu state CMs are distancing themselves from each other.

Apparently, It's Telangana CM KCR who is more upset with AP CM YS Jagan. The prime reason among many being the merge of APSRTC with the AP state government. APSRTC was supposed to go for strike but then Jagan announced the transport corporation will be merged with government. With this APSRTC called off strike.

This ignited fire in TSRTC employees and right before Dasara festival, they went for strike. It's been 40 days that TSRTC employees are protesting and over 20 employees have died. Initially KCR took the APSRTC merger with AP government lightly but with YSRCP ministers saying that they would certainly do it at any cost, KCR got irked.

The other reasons are Jagan giving important and plum posts to KCR's faultfinders. Retired bureaucrat Murali, journalists Amar and Ramachandra Murthy were inducted in Jagan's government in various departments. Also Jagan desperately wanted Stephen Ravindra and IAS officer Lakshmi in his team and for this KCR too responded positively. But the central government did not approve this and even before getting a consent, Jagan called on Stephen Ravindra and IAS Lakshmi and promised good positions in future. This did not go well with KCR.

One more important reason is, Jagan's growing distance with BJP government in the New Delhi. KCR asked for Jagan's support in fighting against the BJP government to get more funds. Initially Jagan was convinced with KCR's idea but whenever Jagan is going to New Delhi, he is finding it difficult to get appointment of PM Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah. Jagan also could not get exemption from attending the CBI court every Fridays and sensing something fishy, the AP CM dropped the idea of joining hands with KCR to fight against government in Delhi and wanted to go ahead smoothly and maintain good rapport for future purpose.

So all is not well with the Telugu CMs these days and we have to see how they cope up with their differences. For Jagan, it's important to maintain good rapport with centre rather than his counterpart as the government in North is crucial for releasing funds which is vital for AP. 

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