YS Jagan's Love For Outdoor And Indoor Games

YS Jagan's Love For Outdoor And Indoor Games

Regarding any persons, it's the unknown side that will be really fascinating and the same holds true in the case of YSRC leader YS Jagan who is now the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. Here comes a tidbit about his love for fitness and the things he does.

Apparently Jagan is known for playing badminton every day at the Chanchalguda Jail when he's arrested by CBI in connection with the disproportionate assets and money laundering scam. Every day he is used to playing the game for a couple of hours, which is said to be his secret for physical fitness.

Even now, Jagan plays badminton a lot but is also said to have included Snooker as his favourite play now. Though playing this table-ball game doesn't aggregate any adrenaline rushing, it will help a person's mental ability and smartness. Probably Jagan is the first-ever AP CM to play indoor and outdoor games regularly to keep his health in check.

On the other hand, Jagan is winning both praises and brickbats as a CM, as some of his anti-liquor policies are praiseworthy while his decision related to introducing EM in Government high schools and sand faced flak.

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