Former Heroine's Silly Take On CM Jagan

Former Heroine's Silly Take On CM Jagan

TDP supremo Nara Chandrababu Naidu today kick started his protest against AP CM YS Jagan's haphazard sand policy that resulted in the loss of several lives apart from nearly 3 million construction workers going out of job for the last 5 months. Speaking on the occasion, former heroine turned TDP's official spokesperson Divya Vani has made some silly statements against Jagan.

After attacking Jagan for his lackluster governance which pushed Andhra Pradesh citizens into a state of panic, Divya Vani took up the ongoing Telugu medium ban controversy. She went on to allege that Jagan is banning Telugu medium in government schools because he is jealous of the Telugu Desam Party and that he is determined to abolish the TDP from its existence.

While this statement by Divya Vani amused several TDP leaders that were present at the deeksha, it certainly sounds outright silly. Already, after the humiliating defeat in the general elections, most of the prominent TDP leaders had either shifted to the BJP or the YSRCP.

In this scenario, this kind of substandard and illogical criticism by the party's official spokespersons will only dent TDP's image further. Many opine that criticism should be sensible and that it should not be mixed with emotions unnecessarily, as it may only backfire in future. Well, today's meeting proves that Chandrababu and his party certainly deserve better spokespersons.

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