Talk: Kapu Community Depressed With Pawan's Satire

Talk: Kapu Community Depressed With Pawan's Satire

Othe day Janasena President Pawan Kalyan has pointed out how cleverly Andhra Pradesh CM and YCP leader Jagan Reddy is targeting him through Kapu caste ministers and MLAs. During that remark, he has thrown an indirect satire on Kapu community as well, which is now being widely discussed.

"Everday you follow the strategy of only Kapu community leaders of YSRC abuse me, because you do fear that if politicians from other communities target me, then Kapus may go against you. Don't worry. Despite you saying that you're against Kapu Reservation, Kapu people have voted to you. So you can make other caste people also scold me without worries" said Pawan Kalyan.

That set Kapu community folks into a depression as to why they haven't voted for Pawan Kalyan instead of Jagan as their whopping presence (25-35% off the total Andhra Pradesh population) would have surely brought Janasenani to power.  

Of course, some of Kapu community people who have done the introspection are said to be feeling that they have done gross injustice to Pawan, as voting him to power, would have given them the dream of seeing a first-ever Kapu Chief Minister of state.

But then, the ones on the other side of the coin within the same community are quick to say, 'Even unofficially and behind the doors, Pawan never stressed it that he will stand by Kapus. He always maintained that 'caste' is never in taste for him. So let him enjoy the defeat'.

Anyway, Pawan's bullet that Kapus voted to Jagan despite the YSRC boss declining them a BC status is hitting very hard. That's also pointing out to the fact that Kapus rallied behind Kamma-led TDP, Reddy-led Congress and now YSRC, but neither Kapu-led PRP nor Janasena.

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