Make Tirumala Suprabatam In English: Pawan's Satire

Make Tirumala Suprabatam In English: Pawan's Satire

"I know English is a Global language, but the reports of any organisations like UNESCO advise that pupils should read and write in their own mother tongue for first five years of education such that their learning capabilities would be set well," said Janasena president Pawan Kalyan today.

Advising AP CM Jagan that he should rethink about introducing English Medium in government elementary schools in place of Telugu medium. "If you have so much love for English, do one thing, make Tirumala priests read everyday Suprabatam in English only" Pawan quipped, throwing a sharp satire on Jagan.

Advising that YS Jagan should showcase his love to the English language fully and wholly, Janasena president Pawan Kalyan has thrown satires on Andhra Pradesh CM today. Asking him to ready teachers for English Medium instruction, Pawan asked CM to prepare a plan first and make announcements.

Pawan advised Jagan to take advises given by great people like Vice President Venkayya Naidu, Eenadu Ramoji Rao and other great publishers seriously as they are champions of the language. "When Vice President advised something without even taking your name, you first give respect to his position, rather responding cheaply like a YSRC leader. You're AP's CM. Remember that" said Pawan Kalyan.

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