Did Jagan Go to Jail Because of My 3 Marriages? -Pawan Kalyan

Did Jagan Go to Jail Because of My 3 Marriages? -Pawan Kalyan

"Have you been to jail for 2 years because of my 3 marriages? Is it due to my 3 marriages that you and Viayasai Reddy started suitcase companies and went to jail?" shot back Pawan Kalyan straight as he questioned AP CM Jagan Reddy today at a press meet.

Also, Pawan advised him, "You also get married thrice, who said no to you?  Why are you worried about my three marriages? It didn't work out, so I married like that. You can also do that if you want", later he added, "When Janasena is criticising your policy, why don't you respond about policy rather than attacking anyone on the personal thing?"

Pawan indicated that Janasena is not TDP that YSRC folks will talk whatever they like.  "Don't you have any shame YSRC leadership and Jagan Reddy garu? Telugu language taught us culture and respect, don't you have that? Both Janasena and I are not scared of your factionist behaviour, power and money" articulated Pawan Kalyan.

"Can you imagine how we can talk if we want to attack you personally? You can't even stand them" Pawan stressed, as he gave warning to all the YSRC MLAs as well.

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