Centre removes SPG to Gandhi family; Rahul tweets thank you

Centre removes SPG to Gandhi family; Rahul tweets thank you

The Centre has decided to withdraw the security cover given to senior Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and his family for 28 years. On this, Rahul has tweeted a 'thank you' note for the Special Protection Group (SPG). He wrote a grateful message for their efforts in protecting the Gandhi family all these years.

"A big thank you to all my brothers & sisters in the SPG who worked tirelessly to protect me & my family over the years. Thank you for your dedication, your constant support & for a journey filled with affection & learning. It has been a privilege. All the best for a great future," Mr Gandhi said.

After brutal assassination of former Prime Miniter Indira Gandhi in 1985, the government has set up SPG to protect the prime ministers. Later former PM Rajiv Gandhi, the father of Rahul Gandhi, has been given SPG and after his assassination, the SPG protection was extended to the entire family in 1991.

Now, the decision of withdrawing was taken after a security review recently, said government sources. However, Congress leader KC Venugopal said "They are playing with the lives of Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi. On what basis did they do this. Modi and Amit Shah are blinded by personal revenge and political vendetta in withdrawing SPG cover from Gandhis".

The centre had also withdrawn the SPG protection of former PM Manmohan Singh last year and now the SPG, an elite force of 3,000, is tasked with protecting only Prime Minister Narendra Modi. But, a family like Gandhis, who lost two members to brutal assassination while serving India, deserve SPG protection, says Congress. On the other hand, netizens and followers of Rahul Gandhi claim that it is a cheap trick played by Prime Minister Modi in removing SPG to Rahul and his family. Doing so will only bring grave danger for the family, they claimed.

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