Guddaludadeesi Nilchopedutha: TDP leader to AP Speaker

Guddaludadeesi Nilchopedutha: TDP leader to AP Speaker

TDP leader Kuna Ravi gave a strong counter to AP Assembly speaker Tammineni Sitharam who made controversial comments against Chandrababu Naidu and Nara Lokesh.

On the AgriGold scam, yesterday speaker Tammineni alleged that Chandrababu and Lokesh tried to grab Haailand theme park lands but backed out. Reacting on this, Kuna Ravi said, 'Being in a constitutional position, it is unfortunate that Tammineni made such comments. His remarks show he is completely biased towards the ruling party only for his political benefits.'

The TDP leader also dared Tammineni to come for an open debate on AgriGold and claimed that he too has enough evidence that TDP has done enough justice to AgriGold victims.

However the TDP leader got carried away and said, 'Sitharamni Guddaludadeesi Amudala Valasa centrelo Nilchopedutha.' Also he asked the speaker to initiate a debate on AgriGold in the assembly, if not resign from the speaker post immediately for making political statements.

Interestingly this TDP leader Kuna Ravi happens to be the nephew of Tammineni.

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