Centre's Twist: APSRTC is not divided, TSRTC has no legality!

Centre's Twist: APSRTC is not divided, TSRTC has no legality!

In a new twist to the TSRTC strike row, the centre has clarified that APSRTC is not bifurcated and TSRTC has no legality. This has shocked everyone as till date it is being assumed that APSRTC is divided into two.

The advocate general (AG) on behalf of the centre informed the government that the union government has 33 percent share in APSRTC but it will not get transferred to TSRTC. The AG also told the court that the bifurcation of APSRTC will take longer than expected and the centre did not give permission for APSRTC re-organisation.

The court heard the arguments of the centre for a good amount of time and a lot was debated about section 45 of AP Bifurcation Act. Advocates on behalf of TSRTC informed the media that when APSRTC is not divided, Telangana CM KCR's decisions have no value. But the chief secretary argued that APSRTC re-organisation will come under schedule 9.

Then the High Court posted straight questions to the advocates of behalf of the Telangana government. "When the APSRTC division is pending, how can a new RTC be formed? We have asked the state government to pay at least Rs 47 crore as temporary measure. The government did not even do that. Why is the government so adamant and is not looking at the problem with a humanity view," questioned the High Court.

The hearing went on for four hours and the lawyers on behalf of TSRTC, thanked the High Court for patiently listening their arguments. They are hopeful that in another two or more days, they will find a solution to this whole issue.

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