Allu Aravind Going Aggressively

Allu Aravind Going Aggressively

Allu Aravind is a man of action. When he takes up any project, he puts his heart and soul into it and ensures that it is successful. Same is the case with his OTT platform which is started with big vision and mega investment.

Aravind in association with his high-profile business partners My Home Jupally Rameshwara Rao, Megha Krishna Reddy and Nimmagadda Prasad have invested a key money into the OTT platform and set up offices across several metro cities in the country.

As they want to take it forward at the earliest, Mega producer Allu Aravind is aggressively involving in the day to day operations and activities of this proposed OTT platform. Few scripts for web-series have been finalized and several others were in discussion stage.

Once Aravind gives his go ahead, these projects would go onto the floors. As Aravind and his high-profile partners believe that the future belongs to OTT platforms and the 'Content is King', they have ventured into this and wants to become highly successful.

Some talented professionals have been hired at various levels and they are said to be paid well for these tasks. Insiders say that Aravind is going aggressively and is focusing a lot of energy and time into this OTT platform.

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