KCR's new shock to TSRTC, asked to pay 452.86 cr dues

KCR's new shock to TSRTC, asked to pay 452.86 cr dues

One of the demands of protesting TSRTC employees is to exclude the tax on diesel. However, the TRS government never paid heed to this and it is one of the reasons, RTC has faced losses as the fuel prices regularly change on day-to-day basis which is inclusive of tax.

With other demands, TSRTC went for strike about a month and ever since then it's a tug of war between CM KCR and RTC JAC. The employees did not care about CM KCR's deadline to join back their jobs and so KCR is gearing up to pull all the plugs he has got.

In a new jolt to the RTC, CM KCR has directed officials to service notices for a payment of Rs 452.86 crore dues under the head of transport tax. As soon as the officials received CM's orders, Telangana Transport Authority (TTA) secretary has issued notices to RTC management and asked to make payment immediately.

RTC is already under severe financial crisis post the strike and in the last thirty days, it faced loss of Rs 82 crore. For now RTC is clearly short of funds to pay for the government.

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