Your Comments Have Hurt Me: Mohan Babu to Naidu

Your Comments Have Hurt Me: Mohan Babu to Naidu

Actor and YSRCP leader Mohan Babu is deeply hurt by Chandrababu Naidu's comments. Bringing this to the TDP chief's notice, Mohan Babu took to his Twitter handle and went on to criticize him.

"Elections are over and everyone is busy with their work. I did not expect that you will poke me unnecessarily and I'm deeply hurt by your comments. About two days back, you have called me undisciplined person and I'm shocked and surprised by it," tweeted Mohan Babu.

Adding, many a time you have said that NTR, ANR and me are the most disciplined persons in the film industry and everyone knows this. "If there is any person who doesn't know about discipline and friendship, it is you (Chandrababu). I request you to not to take out my name hereafter in any situation," said the Collection King.

Concluding Mohan Babu tweeted, if at all we come across anywhere, we will talk jovially but only if you have no objection.

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