#IndianMap: Kanna Blames Naidu For 'No Capital' State

#IndianMap: Kanna Blames Naidu For 'No Capital' State

AP capital row is not going to die anytime soon. The issue began with the missing capital of AP in the latest political map of India released by Union Home Ministry. While AP people are fuming over the present state government and the union government over this major goof-up, Kanna Lakshminarayana's tweet has rubbed salt on the wounds of people. Kanna has tried to turn the issue political by blaming previous Chandrababu Naidu government. Kanna lamented that Chandrababu had 'wasted' Centre's funds to AP for capital and blamed Naidu to the core for this sad situation of AP 'not having' a capital.

However, what Kanna didn't expect is the severe backlash from netizens. Twitterati have a befitting counter to Kanna over his tweet. Blasting Kanna, people tweeted that it is PM Narendra Modi who "backstabbed" the people of AP by not according Special Category Status to AP and not giving "due funds" to state to build new capital. The people have also reminded Kanna that it was Modi who had inaugurated the capital Amaravati works by participating in Bhumi Pooja.

Netizens delved deeper and blasted Kanna that he was in Congress when state was unilaterally divided without a capital city and later he jumped into BJP for his political gain. People of Guntur went onto comment that he was a blot for Guntur for not fighting for Amaravati capital.

Angry netizens mobbed Kanna with hatred tweets and lashed out at him by trying to divert the issue and make it political. Looks like, Kanna has had taste of his own medicine.rnrn

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