India's New Political Map: AP Only State Without Capital

India's New Political Map: AP Only State Without Capital

In a shocking and unfortunate development, Andhra Pradesh turned out to be the only state in India without capital city. The Political Map of India 2019 has shown the states and its capitals. However, AP is the only one missing its capital. As the quandary over AP's capital continues with Jagan administration constituted an Experts Committee to find out the public opinion on proposed capital city.

With the abrogation of Article 370 has been finally approved by the President of India and Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh have officially made into two Union Territories on October 31st, the Union Home Ministry has released new Political Map of India on Nov 2, 2019. Surprisingly, the map doesn't feature Amaravati as AP capital. This is drawing flak from several corners of AP.

Interestingly, the political map released by Union Home Ministry mentioned six explanations. Of which, it is mentioned that the governing of is being done from Hyderabad. Now, this is adding fuel to the fire. While the entire administration and officials have been shifted to Amaravati during Chandrababu regime and Secretariat and administrative building were built for the functioning of government from Amaravati, Union Home Ministry's goof-up in India's political map is raising a lot of eye brows.

More details are awaited on this. CMO of AP is yet to respond on this unwanted controversy.

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