Harish Rao Self-Penalized by Rs 50 Lakh

Harish Rao Self-Penalized by Rs 50 Lakh

Telangana finance minister Harish Rao penalized himself by Rs 50 Lakh for making it late to an event. Going into details, minister Harish was the guest at garbage bins distribution for women at Dubbaka municipality. The event was scheduled at 11:30 but Harish arrived at 3:30 PM.

The women who made it to the event early, were tired with no food yet they did not say anything as Harish arrived. But Harish was quick enough to see the upset women and apologized to them for being late.

Later Harish said he is penalizing himself by Rs 50 Lakh and added that he would contribute the entire amount for the construction of 'Mahila Bhavan' in the constituency.

The other day, Harish hit the headlines as he was saddened to see his constituency people coming all the way to Hyderabad to meet him.

This is how Harish Rao gained popularity. Being available for people and trying to solve the problems at the earliest made him closer to the public.

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