AP's Hard Work Left Behind In Hyderabad: YS Jagan

AP's Hard Work Left Behind In Hyderabad: YS Jagan

First time after he became AP CM, Jagan has made critical remarks on previous capital of AP. He said that the hard work of the people of Andhra Pradesh is left behind in Hyderabad, the current capital of Telangana from where AP is divided.

Jagan said the hard work of 13 districts' people of truncated AP is left behind in Hyderabad and Chennai. He has made these comments on the eve of AP formation day held on Nov 1st. Now, these comments of Jagan are expected to trigger reactions from Telangana counterpart and his party leaders.

Jagan went onto state that no other state in the country has got such gross injustice as AP got. He said no one had predicted such unilateral bifurcation of AP. AP Governor Biswabhusan Harichandan too praised the people of AP and their indepth understanding of situations. He said AP has a great history behind.

Though CMs of both AP and Telangana have been maintaining good rapport, of late slowly, both the states are differing on a few issues. Telangana CM KCR had commented that Jagan government is experimenting with the RTC merger with AP state government. KCR's comments on APSRTC merger hasn't gone down well with AP CM Jagan who said to have taken the RTC merger with government prestigious.

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