Dengue: 4 Members of Family Died In Mancherial

Dengue: 4 Members of Family Died In Mancherial

In a heart-breaking news, four members of a family have succumbed to dengue. This horrendous and spine-chilling incident was reported in Mancherial district of Telangana state. And all this happened in just 15 days. Now the grief-stricken bereaved family is in utter shock.

Going into details, 30-year-old youth Gudimalla Rajagattu belonged to Sri Sri Nagar of Mancherial. Rajagattu used to work as a private teacher in a local private school. First he got dengue and was treated at a local hospital in Mancherial. When his condition turned serious, his family members had moved him to Karimnagar. He was died on October 16, 2019 while treating in a hospital in Karimnagar. Later, Rajagattu's grandfather Lingaiah (70) died on October 20, 2019 due to dengue during the five-day rituals of Rajagattu who had died on 16th October.

Rajagattu's 6-year-old daughter Sri Varshini was diagnosed with dengue four days ago. However, she breathed her last on Diwali day i.e October 27. Rajagattu's wife and Sri Varshini's mother Soni was pregnant. She was carrying child when her husband, doting daughter were died of Dengue. And Soni too had diagnosed with Dengue and she was being treated at Secunderabad's Yashoda hospital.. Soni had delivered a baby boy on Tuesday (October 29, 2019). As dengue was critical, Soni succumbed to dengue on Wednesday (Oct 30, 2019). Within a gap of 15 days, four members of  a family were died of dengue.

Even as the High Court and media is making hue and cry over dengue fevers and lack of preventive measures by Telangana state government and not controlling the disease and not providing necessary medical facilities to patients, this shocking and gruesome incident of dengue claiming four lives of a family stresses how badly it is affecting the people. It is high time, bureaucrats and ministers should take cognizance of dengue issues and ensure that such thing won't be repeated.

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